Photo Series

I have finished the series created for my Unity Church class on Stations of the Cross. I’ve been working on these for the last couple months, and, as I’ve said before, have been working way outside my comfort zone. Most of the images started out as photos from my archive which I combined or re-edited to create a personal interpretation of what we discussed in class. The teacher used metaphysical interpretations of the gospels, combining them to give us eight stations to interpret, based on the life of Jesus. I hadn’t looked at the Bible in years, so it was interesting to re-read and re-examine. I am the only photographer.

The stations in order: Creation, Nativity, Baptism, Healing, Miracles, Teaching, Triumphal Entry, Crucifixion/Resurrection. Most images are not easily interpreted- and a couple have meaning only to me.

3 thoughts on “Photo Series

  1. Melinda, you are really spreading your wings! Or I could fool all your new friends and start the rumor that this series is from your youth in (ahem) California in the 60’s and 70’s …ha ha. But no, we’ll let the rumors of a hippie youth die on the vine 😉 Seriously, these are beautiful images and very evocative too. Melinda Mowat has become an artiste in her golden years! Congratulations on such an achievement and thank you again…and again for sharing your art, your visions, and your skill and talent with us. xox

  2. Wow. Melinda you are amazing. I have loved your photos for so long. I save some to my photo album so I can easily look at them again. Jeff has said you should have your own gallery. I agree. Today I was blown away by your interpretations of the Stations of the Cross. I would frame and hang any one of them in my home. Thank you. Again, you are truly amazing. Bonnie Sent from my iPhone


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