Brand New!

This is an exciting time in our family- we have a brand new grandson! Caleb is less than two days old- so far he looks like our side of the family but with his mommy’s hair.

Here is our beautiful daughter-in-law with her brand new son.

There is something so touching about seeing your son as  new father!



The Sweetness of Little Boys

A sweet Alaska memory- Miles showing me some wildflowers

The Reasons

Here are the two main reasons we visit Alaska:


Miles at age 9: bookworm, lego-builder, adventurous skier and mountain biker

Henry at age 6: friend to all, gardener, adventurous skier and mountain biker

These two grow and change so fast- we don’t want to miss a thing!

Lite Brite!

One of our children’s favorite toys when they were little was a Lite Brite. When I taught preschool, I had one for my students as well. You can imagine how excited we were to find a WALL of Lite Brite at the aquarium. I think Miles would have loved to play there a lot longer.

Wearing of the Green

Life has been too busy and full of fun to do blog posts! We are just home from taking the boys to the airport in Phoenix, and the house seems very empty.

I did post these on Facebook, but never got around to putting them on the blog.  Treasure hunts have been a tradition in our family since I was a little girl. This time, a leprechaun upstaged me and borrowed my treasure chest to create a treasure hunt for Miles and Henry on St.Patrick’s Day.

The festivities continued on into the evening with a non-traditional St. Patrick’s day Chinese fried rice dinner and hot fudge cake and ice cream to celebrate the birthday of their 2 year old golden retriever, Penny, who is back home in Alaska. Tons of fun!

The Boys and Friends

The boys are here, and life is good! We are busy with outings and play and just hanging out. I’ll share photos when I can.

My pig collection, probably only about a quarter or less of what I had when I was teaching, has been supplemented with Bun Bun, Ottsie, and Fro Fruie. I’ll be so sad when the boys are too old for stuffed animals!

Alaska Kids!

We have just returned from a weeklong trip to Alaska, where we had a wonderful visit with my daughter’s family in their beautiful new home.  Alaska is everything we heard it was and more- majestic peaks, glacial waterways, wildlife, and an abundance of wildflowers. We can’t wait to go back!

Of course the reason for our visit was these guys! They are settling into their new life and were eager to tell us about the otters and other animals they had just seen, as well as the wild berries and mushrooms growing in their yard. They will be starting school in a couple weeks, so their lives will quickly become very busy.

The photos below are from a walk we took at the Eagle River Nature Center, just a few miles from their house.

20160806-MMA_5054_melinda_anderson-Edit 20160806-MMA_5062_melinda_anderson-Edit


Next week, I will share some of the photos I took of our short trip to the Kenai Peninsula and our all day boat trip to the Kenai Fjords.


Henry_facesThese are just a few of the many expressions that drifted across Henry’s face as he played a game of Mancala (thank you, Debbie!). No one could ever accuse him of being self-conscious!


Going to Miss These Guys!


Junior Rangers!

We are having a major heatwave, so our two days at the Grand Canyon were punctuated by frequent stops to refill water bottles and stand in the shade. The highlight of the trip was the boys being sworn in as Junior Rangers by a close family friend of theirs, who is indeed a big important ranger at the Grand Canyon.  The boys completed all the required pages (at different skill levels) of their official Junior Ranger books and then were sworn in front of a small crowd of curious tourists. They already have badges from Yellowstone, but this particular badge was significant because of the friend that did the ceremony for them. A sweet moment! Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of them wearing the badges. . .


And here is a shot of the canyon (I’m amazed it’s as sharp as it is, since it was too hot to carry a tripod and the railings were too hot to lean on to steady the camera!):


First Look

We just returned from the Grand Canyon and had the joyful experience of watching the boys have their first look at one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Here’s Henry taking it all in:


Happy Father’s Day!


When your family lives in three different states, it’s a rare day when you can all be together. Caitlin and the boys have been here a week, and Matt drove in on Thursday- what a joy it’s been to have both kids and grandkids with us. We are missing Justin, Caity’s husband, because he used the week to drive (pulling a trailer) from their previous home in Yellowstone to the new one in Anchorage, accompanied by his brother, Kris and the family dog, Penny.

Happy Father’s Day to the proud Papa in this photo, to the absent daddy in Alaska, and to all the wonderful dads out there!

The (little) Magician

Henry and Miles were both entranced by The Magician, the photo I took of our friend Dale a few weeks ago. I asked them who they thought was in the photo, and Henry tentatively asked, “Santa?”.  When I told them that it was someone they knew, they both realized it was Dale. They were curious about how the magic got into the photo, so this morning we re-created the photo with Henry as the magician. I think he enjoyed being dressed up and posing more than seeing how the magic got into the photo.


After viewing the print, he said there was one thing he didn’t like about the photo- his FACE. Caitlin says he doesn’t like mad or sad faces in books. He certainly enjoyed making all sorts of faces for the camera!

The Master Builder

We ordered some new lego sets for the boys before their arrival, including a huge ship for Miles.  He completed it with no help within hours- he’s pretty amazing!

20160613-MMA_1775_melinda_anderson 20160613-MMA_1773_melinda_anderson



They’re Here!

Life is busy and fun right now, because our daughter and sweet grand-boys are here! They are moving from Yellowstone to Anchorage, Alaska, and are visiting with us for two weeks while they are in between houses. They arrived Friday evening, and we spent most of Saturday at the new Legoland Discovery Center and Aquarium in Phoenix- a fun way to begin our visit together. We will be busy keeping them entertained over the next two weeks, so my blog posts will be intermittent.

There were LOTS of Legos to play with.


Miles LOVED building structures and testing them out on the earthquake table.


Assembling Lego cars and sending them down a ramp was a lot of fun.


Yup- life is good!