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Having Fun

On our visit to Flagstaff last week, we spent some time at the Arboretum. It was very enjoyable (even with the busload of second graders catching tadpoles at the pond), and we especially liked the view of the San Francisco Peaks from across the meadow. A frame is set up for picture taking, and of course we couldn’t resist taking photos of each other with the peaks behind.

When I got home, I had some photoshop fun with this photo:

The Flow

We took a drive yesterday in the beautiful weather, heading over to Cornville to visit the fish hatchery. The water flowing out of the tanks and through the grate caught my eye.

Cold and Sunny

It was the first sunny day after the Big Snow, and most people were able to leave their houses for the first time. We drove down to the square and watched kids making snowmen and playing in the snow. The joy in the air felt like Christmas somehow!

The Picture Says it All


seen in Seligman

On the Side

A great display of patriotism on the side of a building in Seligman. Happy Birthday, President Lincoln! Each February 12, I always remember my grandmother, Mimi, who was born on Lincoln’s birthday in 1888.



In case you forgot. . .

you are on Route 66!

Peace House

Just another Seligman scene.

Welcome to Arizona!

We pulled onto a side street in Seligman to park and saw these beauties standing by a mural painted on the side of a building. Their owner (in cowboy regalia of course) was across the street by the horse trailer. I asked if I could photograph his horses, and he said yes and asked us where we were from.

“Prescott!” we replied.

He smiled, and said, “Welcome to Arizona!’

Then he laughed, and said no….. but we knew what he meant. We live in the “city” and are not real Arizonans. He might have even figured out we were California transplants (Californians are not too popular with many Arizonans). So I took a couple shots and walked around the corner.


We took a drive to Seligman last weekend, a little over an hour away on America’s Main Street, the Mother Road- Route 66. Seligman celebrates its presence on Route 66 with fun and garish displays on shops and diners which attract tourists in this small and rundown little town. Perhaps its most celebrated attraction is the Roadkill Cafe. We didn’t eat there, but enjoyed walking around and taking photos.

Christmas, Southern California Style

We just returned from a very quick trip to Southern California to do a mini-Christmas celebration with my son and family for Christmas. The Christmas decorations at the mall where we ate dinner were amazing!

Puddle Lights

Even rain puddles look pretty during the holidays!


This was taken at West Fork in Oak Creek Canyon a month or two ago. The leaves had just started turning- and it was a drizzly day, unfortunately.

Glorious Fall

Nothing beats Oak Creek Canyon in the Fall!

Honor Our Vets

Lonnie and I went downtown yesterday for the Veterans’ Day Parade. There is something very moving about seeing the open display of patriotism in our divided world- and especially the veterans of World War II and more recent conflicts proudly wearing their uniforms to the cheers of the crowds.

I always love the vintage uniforms- and was taken with the soldier on the right and his resemblance to George Washington – at least in my mind.


Leaf Greetings

As we walked around Courthouse Square a week ago, the branches over our heads formed an arch so the autumn leaves could greet each other.