Chasing Sunset

Since moving to Prescott, we have developed a tradition of going out after dinner to watch the sunset- either from our driveway or getting in the car and driving to a good vantage point. We have become cloud-watchers and predictors of when there will be an especially good sunset display. Last night I thought there was a 50/50 chance of a great one, but I wasn’t convinced that there was enough sky visible- it was overcast in our area of town. But Lonnie had been out and about and pointed out blue sky to the south, so we headed out to find a good view of the Thumb Butte. As we drove in that direction, it was obvious that we had a magnificent sky with great clouds. The photo below was taken before sunset, when a golden glow was just beginning on the Thumb.

Thank You, Veterans!

I ‘m not able to attend this year’s Veterans Day parade in Prescott, so I’m posting this photo from last year. I’m pretty sure there will some very similar sights to see. . .

Bill’s Got the Blues

I never knew his name was Bill!

It was pointed out to me that the elk on top of our Elks’ Theatre is named Bill. This has something to do with a poster found in the old building that says Hello, Bill on it (an Elks tradition?).  While the theatre was in disrepair a few (10?) years ago, Bill was languishing in Prescott Valley waiting to return to his former glory. When found, he sadly had a dozen or more bullet holes, but now he has been repaired and returned his rightful spot on top of his theatre overlooking downtown.


How Still We See Thee Lie

The Christmas lights are off for the season in Prescott, Arizona’s Christmas City. But they were still on last week, when we drove up the hill to the Pioneer Home to see this view.  I think it’s most fitting that the residents of the Pioneer Home, who must have lived in Arizona for at least 50 years in order to be eligible to live there, have the best view in town!



The lights on this blog will be out tomorrow.



Our Hometown Hero


Snow Drops

We had an unexpected snowstorm yesterday morning! We woke up to snow falling and snow on the ground.  It continued to snow until 9:00 or so, while we were at my husband’s eye appointment, but by the time we got home the sun was out and the melt had begun.  I raced outside with my Lensbaby Edge 80 with macro converters and managed to capture sunshine on the melting snow on trees and plants before it was all gone.


I’m also posting another snow shot from a week or so ago, before the New Year’s snow melted away.  This is one of our more quaint downtown establishments- I’ve never been inside, but it looks cute. It was shot with my iPhone and edited with Snapseed (an HDR treatment) and Mextures.

Photo Jan 13- 2 16 35 PMLinking up with Barb’s app-happy Wednesday at Keeping With the Times.

Out to Lunch Potpourri

On our way out to lunch yesterday, I snapped a few photos along the street- some classic cars which were parked near ours and a window display which featured paper cranes.


And inside the restaurant? There was a Christmas tree, of course!



If we were in any doubt that it is the monsoon season here in Arizona, the last 24 hours have made us believers. Holy Moly! Thunder, lightning, rain and flash floods- we’ve seen them all. We’re happy to be high and dry (so far. . .) on our little hill and are watching the action on TV.  When we were out yesterday, we spotted clouds hanging over Thumb Butte (not the usual view), so we went home and got my camera so I could get some shots before visibility was gone. Storms are predicted off and on all week- wish I could send some to California!


Alas, the End

20140817-DSC_3036_melinda_anderson-EditToday is the end of our friend, Joan’s visit to our home in Prescott.  We are so sad to see her go- we had such a wonderful time with her! Yesterday, she got to experience a true “Retirement in Prescott” day.

We started the day with a trip to our fabulous hardware store, where we spent so much time browsing that we almost forgot why we were there (to buy picture hangers and a birdfeeder extender hook). Then we drove down to the square so Joan could take photos of the courthouse and some of the surrounding buildings.

She and Lonnie enjoyed walking the timeline of the history of Yavapai County.

20140818-DSC_3046_melinda_anderson 20140818-DSC_3048_melinda_anderson-Edit

We did a complete circuit of the courthouse building, which is undergoing some construction, with a security guard acting as tour guide for part of the way. 20140818-DSC_3063_melinda_anderson

After lunch at home, we headed out to the movies so that Joan could experience the reclining seats.  We saw Into the Storm (thumbs down for acting and plot, thumbs up for special effects), and afterward walked out into our own extreme storm- driving rain, thunder, lightning, and flooding roadways.  Now Joan can say she has truly experienced summer in Arizona!

The sunset and flag photos each have textures added: ecru on both photos, and also waterfront 17 on the sunset (both by Kim Klassen).

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This and That

My camera has been out a lot the last week; here are a few photos that didn’t make the blog.

A couple Blue Ridge cups




A macro of a leaf, snapped while watering



And from Chalk It, Prescott’s chalk art festival last weekend



Have a Happy Thursday!

Live and In Person!!!

Yesterday I had the opportunity to meet Barbara of Barbara Hurst Photography,  Barb of Keeping Up With the Times, and Terri of Focusing on Life for a photo shoot right here in town.  It was a bit surreal (dislike that overused word, but I can’t think of a better one right now) to meet these photobloggers in person in MY house. I’ve learned all my photography skills online and have a bunch of online contacts, but this is the first time I’ve met any in person.  What fun we had sharing tips and comparing notes as we wandered around downtown Prescott.! They are all so knowledgeable and much more savvy in the whole photoblogging world than I am- I learned a lot.

Here’s a shot of the courthouse, edited with textures from Florabella and Kim Klassen.


I would like to live in the turret on this house (Florabella textures)!


Let’s do this again, ladies!!!

Railroad Bridge

As part of my exploration of Prescott, I visited the old railroad bridge, which is no longer in use.  I took several photos and decided I like the bridge best in black and white.27Feb2014-2984


Historic Prescott

Learning a bit about my new town is a big part of a personal photography project I am undertaking.  My plan is to photograph buildings and/or areas in Prescott, a town with a rich and interesting history. I have been taking photos since I moved here, but now I am doing it with the intention of making a collection, eventually a gallery slideshow on my blog.

Yesterday, I chose to photograph the courthouse with a view of the Thumb Butte behind it.  I took the photo on a hill (which I’ve read is called Nob Hill) standing just down from the Goldwater House.

27Feb2014-2941I considered Photoshopping the wires out, but decided against it for the sake of authenticity- but may reconsider.  There are wires obstructing almost every view in this town- perhaps they add to the character!

And below is the Goldwater House, built by Henry Goldwater (uncle to Barry) in 1894. 27Feb2014-2951

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Downtown Deux

The old-timey charm of Prescott continues to draw us in when we walk around downtown.   Here are two detail shots of older buildings right across the street from each other. I was standing by the stairs on the left as I shot the facade of the Hotel St. Michael across the street.  Want to know what’s down the stairs? A smartphone repair shop!


Both of these were edited in Perfect Effect 8- I love that program!