Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

FYI this is a composite of several photographs (the road is Perkinsville Road, the house is from Bodie, the pumpkins were from the grocery store, the Halloween elements were shot on Mt. Vernon Street, and the moon is, well. . . the moon!}. There are several textures laid on top, and the bats are photoshop brushes. Fun to create- hope you enjoy it!

Windmills on my Mind

As I mentioned last week, I took a few- maybe 5?- windmill photos when I was photographing raptors. And three comprised one 3 exposure in camera multiple exposure.  My camera has a very basic multiple exposure feature (no blend modes, no previews etc.), but the challenge makes it fun, even if the results aren’t spectacular SOOC.


I had fun adding another windmill shot from August to create a windmill Photoshop composite. Even more fun!


Into the City


I took my multiple exposure obsession and ran with it for my “Old Master” assignment for my photo class. Instead of using my Van Gogh field of yellow flowers (which is very much in my comfort zone), I was inspired by Edward Steichen’s multiple exposure cityscapes of New York City to create a composite of three of my San Francisco images to create this one. This was a fun assignment- not only creating my own image, but seeing what the others chose. I think all of us really stepped out of our respective boxes!