Into the City


I took my multiple exposure obsession and ran with it for my “Old Master” assignment for my photo class. Instead of using my Van Gogh field of yellow flowers (which is very much in my comfort zone), I was inspired by Edward Steichen’s multiple exposure cityscapes of New York City to create a composite of three of my San Francisco images to create this one. This was a fun assignment- not only creating my own image, but seeing what the others chose. I think all of us really stepped out of our respective boxes!

4 thoughts on “Into the City

  1. Oh Melinda… this really works! I love it! I especially love the “march of time” with the juxtaposition of architectural styles. And the contrasting purposes of the buildings: wharf, high finance, etc. and in the center …TIME. You probably chose that feature because it was so perfect for the composition, but it also says something more. Well done! As always!!!!

  2. This is spectacular! You did yourself proud with this excursion outside your comfort zone. This is a thought provoking, mind bending image. I love it! This would be sensational printed at 20 by 30 or even larger.

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