The Little Farm

A recent assignment for our photo group was an image with a “vintage” feel. I chose a Kansas barn and windmill shot with a Lensbaby Edge80. The Edge 80 is certainly not a vintage lens, but the areas of blur and the brown tones added in post-processing hopefully give this photo an old-timey feel.

Born to Be Wild

Until we moved to Arizona, I had never heard of Apache Plume- but now I photograph the seed heads every summer. We have a big shrub of this native plant in front of our house. I can’t say it is lovely to look at as a landscape element- but the craaaazzzy seed heads and little flowers are quite captivating!


I can remember a time when orchids were considered exotic- and I only saw them in corsages, which I thought were pretty ugly. Now you can buy them at the grocery store, although I’m sure many species ARE exotic and are only available from specialty nurseries. I like them now, although I still think they look like they have mean faces.