We have just returned from a road trip to the San Francisco Bay Area, and this is the first photo I’ve posted since our return (last week’s and Monday’s photos were scheduled in advance before we left). Our trip was supposed to be a two day business trip for my husband followed by a long weekend in Monterey (which was supposed to include lots of photo opportunities. . .). Unfortunately, I had to take my husband to the ER the second night we were in the Bay Area- and he ended up being hospitalized for 5 days! He is much improved now, and “normal” life has resumed.

On the last day he was in the hospital, I brought my camera with me and photographed parts of an art installation across from the main entrance. Since I first saw it, I had been captivated by this piece of art, which forms a semi-wall in front of the parking area. I decided to practice my multiple exposure skills in photographing it, because I didn’t want to just capture someone else’s art- I wanted to create my own.

When I got home and downloaded my images, I was struck by how the jagged lines resembled the parts of the display I was constantly seeing on the monitor at his bedside- as if they were stacked upon each other. Is this why I was so attracted to it? Or does it represent the chaos of dealing with a medical situation while on vacation? I don’t know- but this is the result.

Shifting Realities:

Being a photographer who likes simple compositions, I have to say I prefer the crop below. It doesn’t look like it represents any of the angst of last week- it now looks more like mountains to me.

Night Peaks:

4 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. So sorry to hear about Lonnie, but happy to hear he is feeling better! Despite the unexpected event, you have managed to create beautiful and meaningful art.

  2. Melinda, my heart goes out to you and your husband. Nothing seems to strike deeper than the fear when our loved one is in danger. We are in that stage of life where our parts and pieces can just fail to perform the magnificent jobs they always have done for us. I hope he is on the mend and you are reaching some place where you can feel piece of mind. The image you produced says a lot to me about the fragmented and chaotic emotions that have filled my own mind when my husband or a friend or family member has been in medical crisis. I’m not sure if that’s is what you intended, but that’s the way I relate to it. As always, your images evoke surprising meaningful responses from me. Thanks AGAIN for sharing with us! ❤️

  3. As always I am impressed by your ability to remain calm during a crisis.
    And I am even more in awe of your ability to create art while under duress.

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