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October Magic

My favorite time of year! Fall leaves, pumpkins, and the magic of Halloween!

My Favorite Month

October is my favorite month! I look forward to wearing sweaters and jeans and down vests. I love when the temperatures drop and the leaves on the trees turn color. I especially love when pumpkins start appearing in the stores and pumpkin lattes are available again. And I still love Halloween!

In celebration of my favorite month, here is an October still life, edited two ways in Lightroom.




for Halloween . . .

Back to the blur. . .

The last few months, I’ve found myself missing blur and soft focus.¬† As a result, my Lensbaby Velvet 56 has been on my camera for the last week, and I’m going to put the Edge 80 (my fave!) on there next. Manual focus is always a challenge, but I find taking soft and dreamy photos is my comfort zone. I love the blur!


Boo Two

Ghost of pumpkins past . . .


Double Trouble



Pumpkin Smiles


Happy (almost. . .) Halloween!

Not to be redundant. . .

These are ALMOST the end of the white pumpkin photos, but, since Halloween is over a week away, there just might be more!


20151013-MMA_3892_melinda_andersonHappy Hump Day!

Game of Pumpkins

This is what happens when I have been binge-watching Game of Thrones- and am avoiding the things I have to do by playing in Perfect Effects.


Winter Halloween is coming. . . bwaaahaaahaah!

White Pumpkin Takeover



Autumn Stillness

An autumn still life- still loving those white pumpkins!


More Punkins

I never get tired of taking photos of pumpkins.  Expect a few more over the coming weeks!

20151002-MMA_3540_melinda_anderson-Edit 20151005-MMA_3815_melinda_anderson-Edit


The Three