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Below is a still life I shared with my weekly photo group on Tuesday. I have been in the group over 4 1/2 years now, and it has become an important part of my life. As I prepared this photo for class (on zoom, of course), I remembered that I had created a still life in the same spot in our house (on my father’s antique dental cabinet) for my second photo ever for this group back in 2016. You can see that photo and read about my experience as a new and very nervous member of the group here.  I still learn new things every week and am constantly inspired by the group’s creativity and technical skills.

Autumn Mood

I’m in the mood for fall, so I created a pumpkin still life today.

October Magic

My favorite time of year! Fall leaves, pumpkins, and the magic of Halloween!

My Favorite Month

October is my favorite month! I look forward to wearing sweaters and jeans and down vests. I love when the temperatures drop and the leaves on the trees turn color. I especially love when pumpkins start appearing in the stores and pumpkin lattes are available again. And I still love Halloween!

In celebration of my favorite month, here is an October still life, edited two ways in Lightroom.




for Halloween . . .

Back to the blur. . .

The last few months, I’ve found myself missing blur and soft focus.  As a result, my Lensbaby Velvet 56 has been on my camera for the last week, and I’m going to put the Edge 80 (my fave!) on there next. Manual focus is always a challenge, but I find taking soft and dreamy photos is my comfort zone. I love the blur!


Boo Two

Ghost of pumpkins past . . .


Double Trouble



Pumpkin Smiles


Happy (almost. . .) Halloween!

Not to be redundant. . .

These are ALMOST the end of the white pumpkin photos, but, since Halloween is over a week away, there just might be more!


20151013-MMA_3892_melinda_andersonHappy Hump Day!

Game of Pumpkins

This is what happens when I have been binge-watching Game of Thrones- and am avoiding the things I have to do by playing in Perfect Effects.


Winter Halloween is coming. . . bwaaahaaahaah!

White Pumpkin Takeover



Autumn Stillness

An autumn still life- still loving those white pumpkins!


More Punkins

I never get tired of taking photos of pumpkins.  Expect a few more over the coming weeks!

20151002-MMA_3540_melinda_anderson-Edit 20151005-MMA_3815_melinda_anderson-Edit


The Three