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Another Window View

Same photoshoot as my other window shot from a week or so ago, but with the items rearranged and a slightly different look. Thank you to Debbie for giving me this old window to use in my still life shots- so much fun!

Elements of October

It’s October. Leaves are beginning to fall, pumpkins are in the stores, and we still have flowers!

Halloween Walkabout

Here are a couple more sights we saw as we walked down Mount Vernon Street.

20151026-MMA_4137_melinda_anderson-Edit 20151026-MMA_4143_melinda_anderson-Edit

White and whiter

I confess to having a photography love affair with my white pumpkins.

I like the orange ones, but there is just something about the white ones that I can’t resist!


Not to be redundant. . .

These are ALMOST the end of the white pumpkin photos, but, since Halloween is over a week away, there just might be more!


20151013-MMA_3892_melinda_andersonHappy Hump Day!

White Pumpkin Takeover



Autumn Stillness

An autumn still life- still loving those white pumpkins!


More Punkins

I never get tired of taking photos of pumpkins.  Expect a few more over the coming weeks!

20151002-MMA_3540_melinda_anderson-Edit 20151005-MMA_3815_melinda_anderson-Edit


The Three


It’s Fall!

I got in the spirit of autumn this week after a couple days recuperating from my Yellowstone adventures. I put the fall wreath on the door, bought some mini pumpkins, and made applesauce from the zillions of Fuji apples on our trees.  Fall is my favorite season, and I can’t wait for the leaves to change!