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An Umbrella, A Spoon, Some Music, and a Tornado

Such a fun adventure we had yesterday in Sedona! We drove over in the middle of the afternoon and had a great time wandering around and checking out the galleries and shops at Tlaquepaque Arts & Crafts Village. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner at El Rincon, where, to the amusement of our waitress, I couldn’t resist photographing the reflection of the little white lights on the overhead umbrella on my spoon. umbrella_spoonMidway through dinner, the flamenco guitar music began!


During dinner, Lonnie was googling best places for sunset photography in Sedona, so we ended up on an overlook on Airport Road. The wind had kicked up, and it was threatening rain, making for dramatic clouds.

20150831-MMA_2086_melinda_andersonAfter we walked across the road and began setting up, I realized I didn’t have my cable release, so I walked back to the car and lugged my whole camera bag back across the road to where my tripod was set up. Lonnie and Carol were busy photographing the scene while I got set up again. What I didn’t realize was that they were photographing a tornado forming! I continued taking photos of the rocks, oblivious to what they were seeing. Fortunately, I have a few shots at the end of the event- although I didn’t know what I was shooting.  It wasn’t until we got home and they started talking about the tornado, that I realized what I had missed! You can check out Carol’s magnificent twister photos at


Very Berry Still Life

One of the recent prompts in the studio is BERRIES, which I have photographed many times and never tire of, so I thought this theme would be a good one for me to do to get back into the swing of still life. As usual, the simpler compositions worked best for me.



Spoons and Presets

I belong to a little photo group in AAUW (Association of American University Women), which is composed of photographers of all levels.  Each month, one or two members research a topic and prepare a presentation on a photography topic of interest to the group.  There is also a photo sharing time, which usually relates to the presentation from the time before.  This month, we are all to bring in a photo or photos of a toy or beloved object.  Because I’m also doing the presentation this month (on posing groups of people), I almost forgot about photographing a beloved object.  However, I’ve been intending to again photograph spoons from my grandmother’s collection of souvenir coffee spoons (which are indeed among my most beloved possessions), so I took some time to take a couple still life shots to print for our meeting.

The spoons are mostly from the 1890’s and early 1900’s, when my grandmother, Mimi, was just a girl (she was born in 1888).  I believe some of the older spoons may have belonged to her mother.  Mimi was born and raised in Chicago, so several of the spoons are from Chicago World Fairs.

I was in the mood to use some of Kim’s presets when editing, so here are three images, each edited with a different preset.

20150217-DSC_2800_melinda_andersonedited with kk_chocolate preset (71%)


20150217-DSC_2797_melinda_andersonedited with kk_daysofold preset


edited with kk_darkdays preset