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And again. . .

I’m returning one more time to some shots I took at Sunnylands.

Here are the grounds.


And here are some shots I took of a bench presented to President Obama by the president of China in 2013.

20160310-MMA_9620_melinda_anderson 20160310-MMA_9617_melinda_anderson

Where’s Waldo?

Here’s yet another view of Sunnylands- I just can’t get enough of the palo verde trees! During the editing process of this photo, I discovered something that I didn’t realize I had captured when I snapped the shutter. Can you find it?


No, it’s not the people in the background- it’s in the foreground, and may be pretty pixelated in this online version. It’s in the orange flowers, and it starts with H!

More from Sunnylands

This was the view that awaited us as we walked onto the grounds from the parking lot! I kept trying to capture shots of the little hummingbirds flitting in among the orange flowers, but, alas, they were too quick.



The focus of our short stay in Palm Springs was of course our reunion with the Rapunzels. We enjoyed some great meals and spent a lot of time catching up on each other’s lives. Our one outing was to Sunnylands, which had been highly recommended by my cousin, Charlaine who was just there. Sunnylands was the estate (built in 1966) of Walter Annenberg, the late publisher, diplomat, and philanthropist. We hadn’t bought tickets for the tour (which included the house), but took our time walking around the beautiful grounds. I was especially captivated by the palo verde trees (state tree of Arizona!), the trunks of which you can see in the below photos.

20160310-MMA_9549_melinda_anderson 20160310-MMA_9574_melinda_anderson