Wabi Sabi Watering Cans

Back when we were at the Desert Botanical Garden a few months ago, I’m sure my husband was a bit taken aback by my enthusiasm over these watering cans which were sitting on a ledge in a corner, almost out of sight. We were surrounded by the beauty of nature and the magic of Chihuly glass, but there is something so amazing about finding an unstaged, “found still life” just waiting to be captured by the camera! I aimed my camera with my zoom lens and took a few quick shots, feeling very lucky to have come upon this little wabi sabi scene.

Final Series

This is the week my photo series is due. I abandoned my alone-in-a-crowd beach series and opted for the very simple wabi sabi series. Each photo illustrates one (or more) aspect of wabi sabi. Such basic photos are not the norm in this very advanced group, so I hope I don’t get in trouble!

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