Day 207- Water Lilies

A visit to the Ruth Bancroft Cactus Garden today provided me with a zillion photo ops.  I posted many of my favorite cactus photos to Flickr so that my grandson (a big fan of cacti) could see them. I like the abstract quality of some of the cactus images, but I am much more a fan of lily pads than cactus. My favorite photo today was of the lily pond in a shady nook of the garden.

f/5.6, 1/640, ISO 400, 200mm

4 thoughts on “Day 207- Water Lilies

  1. Were you in the pond when you took the shot? Really?? How did you get this beautiful, Monet-like photo?

  2. fabulous color, detail, and compostion ~ so pretty

    (I hadn’t posted the the photo which was taken on my blog, it was on my facebook account, I went to her wall and commented “really nice profile photo”. She responded with “I took a photo of the lighthouse on Sat but it wasn’t as nice. Hope you don’t mind.” I wanted to respond with maybe cause you didn’t spend $1000s on a camera and lenses, walk 3 miles in the sand to get the viewpoint, take a class on editing and texturing … Ugggh)

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