Day 348- Hollow

My friend and fellow photoblogger came to visit and take care of me today- which my husband appreciated as much as I did! I haven’t been able to cook more than toast since my carpal tunnel surgery, and Carol arrived with a gourmet picnic lunch including dessert! Yum!

Today’s topic is Hollow.  Carol came up with the bright idea of photographing straws, so, after lunch, we set up straws to photograph, swapping lenses between the two cameras. Our photos are of the same subject, but totally different. You can can view Carol’s photo at

f/10, 2.5 sec., ISO 160, 85mm

4 thoughts on “Day 348- Hollow

  1. […] Today I’m playing camera with my friend and fellow photo-blogger, Melinda, in Benicia. The challenge today is “hollow” and we both decided to photograph straws; I got to try out Melinda’s 85mm macro lens for this shot. Check out Melinda’s shot using the same straws and the same lens; click here […]

  2. I love this shot and especially the reflections. What fun we had today. I can’t wait to do it again!! Thanks for sharing your lens. Now I know I have to have a macro lens.

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