Day 154- No clue. . .

Second day of using Lightroom and really no clue what I’m doing. . .

To make things easy on myself, I went with one of the themes- peek-a-boo (wish I had Miles or Henry here for that one). I finally gave up on sharp focus and concentrated on the editing.  The black and white part was easy- desaturate, adjust tones, and then add a bit of warmth in split toning (just saw that on a video. . .).  But sharpening? Noise reduction? That’s where the no clue part came in. I also don’t get how to add my watermark for Flickr.

I announced on Clickin Moms that I was making the switch to Lightroom, and quite a few CM-ers reported that they just made the switch too- including one of the diehards, who had been the guiding force of Aperture advice on the forum.  I was a bit surprised.  The biggest issue now is how and how much to import photos from Aperture. Right now I’m just sticking with the new photos.


One response

  1. I love this shot. Even though I can’t see your mouth, it looks like you have the same bemused look that Matt gets so often. Now I know where he gets it! We’ll have to sit down and discuss Lightroom one of these days. Your comments about it are interesting. Sorry you’re struggling but you’ll pick up on it quickly. I love the monochrome of this shot. And of course the look in your eye.

    June 3, 2012 at 5:56 pm

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