Day 218- Words of Life

I never knew my father’s grandfather. Rev. Andrew J. Mowatt or had even heard of him when I started researching our family history about twenty years ago.  Thomas and Elizabeth Mowatt came to Harvey, New Brunswick, Canada in 1837 from Ford, England (near the Scottish border).  My great-grandfather, Andrew was born a year later, the oldest of seven children.  He was educated in Nova Scotia (and married my great-grandmother, Louisa Jane Annand there) and served as pastor in several churches, his final one being Erskine Church in Montreal. He actually died in the pulpit as he was about to preach from the text, “When I saw Him I fell at His feet as one dead”.

When I was researching the family, I came into contact with a researcher from Harvey, New Brunswick who had already completed research on the Harvey pioneers.  She very kindly sent me this book, which is the collected sermons of my great-grandfather.

This image is edited with one of Kim Klassen’s textures, appropriately called broken book.

4 thoughts on “Day 218- Words of Life

  1. It is so nice to know your family’s history in such detail. And how fortunate you were to connect with another researcher who shared her research and a wonderful family treasure. The shot has wonderful depth and emotion. Adding the flowers atop the old book, and using the shallow depth of field and the texture, really make this shot special.

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