Day 259- Vintage

We chose Winnemucca, Nevada for our last stop before going home, because my husband’s mother had been born there and my husband remembers childhood visits to the little house where his great-grandmother lived.  Grammie and her third husband, who worked for the railroad, lived in a tiny house across the street from the old Winnemucca train station.  I also remember visiting her in this house when we were newlyweds.

The old train station is gone, replaced by a small Amtrak structure, but the little house remains.  It was hard to take a decent shot of the house, because of cars parked in front, so I took a photo of the same little gate that Lonnie remembers from his childhood.  I textured this with Kim Klassen’s kkgrunge for a vintage effect.


I wasn’t planning to photograph the Amtrak station, but I noticed an A, created by the roofline- and remembered the challenge from a few days ago to find something that looked like a letter. In keeping with my own vintage theme, I took the photo into OnOne’s Perfect Effects (my freebie from the Kelby seminar) and had fun adding effects and textures.

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