Arizona’s Christmas City

We spent a very cold hour or so wandering around Prescott’s Courthouse Square just after sunset last night looking at the lights and enjoying the festive atmosphere. My flickr group’s topic was front and center, an easy one for me as we walked around all sides of the imposing courthouse building.


Here are a few more shots give an idea here of just how MANY tree trunks are lit up and how each side of the courthouse is decorated slightly differently from the others. The top two images were taken as we started our walk and the others after we had walked to the other side and it was getting dark.


4 thoughts on “Arizona’s Christmas City

  1. These are simply beautiful images, Melinda. My favorite is the last one … I love trees with lights on the trunks. The composition is perfect. And I love the lighting on the first one. Perfect.

  2. So pretty! I think everyone should be required to keep their lights up all winter. In cold states it would make the winter so much brighter!

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