For Love of the Sun

I knew that today’s post would have at least one photo from my field trip to the Desert Botanical Garden. “For the love of . . . ” is the topic for this week’s Texture Tuesday, and, when I looked through my images, Sheryl Crow’s Soak Up the Sun started going through my head.  Think of it as the soundtrack for these two photos!

These cacti must have been at least 15 feet tall.  I used a small aperture, intending to get a starburst effect- but this is what happened. And I think I like it better this way!


This bird was perched at the top of one of the cacti.  And how about the sun in this photo? Did I add it in post-processing?  No- it’s actually flare from the sun on my right.  Usually I clone those out. . .


Both photos have layers of an altered version of Kim’s ruemarion texture as well as kkcanvasback.  The bottom one also has some magic textures in there.

8 thoughts on “For Love of the Sun

  1. Melinda… I’m with you….. for the love of sun!! YES… and thank you for the sound track…. I enjoyed it very much… Fabulous photos….

    have a beautiful week… xo

  2. These two are simply beautiful!! I would love them printed and framed for a wall. I love the soft tones and colors, and the textures added such a gentle feel. Beautiful work!!!

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