I seldom used portrait orientation when taking photos until a couple of months ago.  Now I seem to be doing it regularly! I may have started turning my camera in my bathroom “studio” to avoid getting towels and bathroom fixtures in the shot, but then I continue to use it- especially when I want a shallow depth of field in front of, as well as behind, my subject.  My 50mm lens does this beautifully, as well as my 85mm macro lens.  I would love to own a LensBaby some day to play with moving the focus around! I did order one for my iPhone (coming in August through the kickstarter deal), which will partially satisfy my desire for this cool lens.

Here are two shots with a vertical (portrait) orientation. The first was taken with the macro lens.  I took the photo with both orientations, and liked the vertical one best (those blurry berries in the background and a small unfocused slice in the front).  There is some texture added to this image (a bluish one from Kim Klassen- teal?).


The one below was taken with my 50mm at 1.4 to give a very narrow field of focus- with lots of blur in the front. It was actually taken for a Be Still 52 lesson on side lighting.  The cup was placed on the floor by the open front door (on the left for light)- with a piece of white foam board for a background.  There is also a bit of lighting coming from the patio door farther away on the right.  I used my Warm Black and White preset (some split toning) for the black and white conversion.20140620-DSC_0201melinda_anderson


2 responses

  1. I love both these vertical shots. They are simple compositions that draw the viewer in. The lighting on the cup is excellent. And a LensBaby for your iPhone? OMG! Can’t wait to see what magic you’ll create with it.

    June 23, 2014 at 5:43 am

  2. I really like both especially that last one, on your pretty wood floors that are to die for. Once you get in the habit of turning your camera it is easy, I just always now take a landscape and then turn and take a portrait. I just think it is good practice. I hope we are happy with the iPhone Lensbaby.

    June 23, 2014 at 4:01 pm

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