The Essence of Shells

I love my abstract photography class! I am finding that the kind of photography I love to do the most (besides grand-boy photography, of course)- macros and closeups with a shallow depth of field- fall into the abstract photography realm. I had no idea! This week I’ve been photographing some of my shells with the intention of exploring their essence- and also their un-seashellness!

The un-seashellness of seashells (more of a pure abstract): 20141117-shell_abstracts-2_melinda_andersonThe essence of seashells:

20141118-shell_layout2-2_melinda_anderson 20141118-shell_layout1-2_melinda_anderson 20141118-DSC_6870_melinda_anderson20141117-DSC_6845_melinda_anderson

6 thoughts on “The Essence of Shells

  1. Yes, this is a really great class, one I enjoyed very much. Who knew? Your shells make a marvelous subject to explore the essence, and make abstract images. Each one is just beautiful Melinda!

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