Almost as soon as we started our walk at Willow Lake on Saturday, we noticed this hawk (perhaps a Cooper’s Hawk) at the top of a far tree. Fortunately, my husband had his Canon Powershot sx50 along- as well as some binoculars- so we shared the camera and were able to get some decent closeup shots. I know that the photo that is not all the way zoomed in is mine, but it is very possible that Lonnie took the second shot.  Next time, I will take a photo to mark when we switch from one shooter to the other.  Eventually, the hawk spotted some prey and swooped off into the grasses, and we continued on our way.



I can’t close without mentioning how appreciative I am of all the positive comments and support I received for Friday’s post about my father- here on the blog and on Facebook, as well as e-mails and texts.  Thank you all so much.


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