Takin’ it to the street


As I wrote the other day, I had such fun doing street photography in Flagstaff!  The gals I was with were both accomplished, experienced photographers, but what impressed me most about them was how confident and BOLD they were taking photographs out in public.  I was carrying my most unobtrusive camera bag (the Lowepro Passport Sling) with the bare minimum of gear (camera, 18-200 lens, and my Lensbaby Composer pro with Edge 80). I- thank goodness- also brought a rainsleeve for the camera, which really came in handy during the downpour around lunchtime. I brought a tripod, which I kept in the car- and only brought out for a couple hours in the afternoon. My companions, however, wore big backpacks filled with gear (no clue what it was) and carried tripods as well as their (very large and expensive!) cameras.

I used to always feel self-conscious out in public with my camera stuff, especially on a tripod.  I’ve somewhat gotten over it, but, introvert that I am, my shy self still emerges at times when shooting in public. But last Saturday, I found the spectacle we were creating fun and amusing. All the gear and tripods often caused a lot of attention to be focused our way, especially from young people, who I think were hoping we were doing a magazine shoot- and it made for some fun photographs.


These young guys were eager to pose for us, although you can see how cool they were being about it. I think they liked the idea that it looked like a potential album cover!

4 thoughts on “Takin’ it to the street

  1. Neat shots! I can so identify with your self consciousness about public display — I always felt I could never plein air paint or draw for fear that someone would come along thinking they’d see some great art happening and actually think “what the hell is she thinking– no talent!”

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