One of the first things our little group photographed on our trip to Flagstaff was the Greek Orthodox Church.  I was particularly entranced with the gargoyles, which adorned the roof line.

I found this one amusing, because it looked like he was munching on leaves.

20150613-MMA_7181_melinda_anderson-EditI edited this one to give it a dark and foreboding look- could it be because I just saw Jurassic World?


4 thoughts on “Gargoyles!

  1. Hi there, I am just getting back with terrible jet lag, oh how I hate that part of any trip of long distance. I do owe you a e-mail just as you are about to embark on a trip of your own to see the boys. You will have fun I am sure even if you don’t pick up your camera. I do want to hear about the class you just took and if you thought it was worth while. If you have time to drop me a quick note I would appreciate it so much on this. I am looking for something like this so much but it is expensive and just wanted your thoughts on this. The Gargoyles remind me of what I saw on so many of the buildings in Europe and I did take a few pictures of them which I need to edit my load of images. I so love your b/w’s so much and I need a lesson from you when I come to visit hopefully this summer. Let me know when you get back and have a spare week.

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