Strangers in a Strange Land

During the 45 years we lived on the outskirts of the wine country, the number of wineries seemed to grow exponentially. I have no idea of the statistics, but there are wineries everywhere now.  We hadn’t been in the Healdsburg area in years, and that is where we spent the afternoon with our friends, Georgia and Jerry when we stayed with them in Petaluma. It is so beautiful, and it was fun to visit as tourists from Arizona.

Ferrari Carano is a fairly new winery and vineyard, despite its classic design.  We enjoyed tasting the wines and exploring the beautiful manicured grounds. The California drought was not apparent here! Here are a just a few photos from our visit.


3 thoughts on “Strangers in a Strange Land

  1. I miss CA, not only for its beauty but also for all the friendships my husband and I made during our 38 years there. Napa area was, and is also a special place for us. Love the look back through you.

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