Big Wow!

For the last month, three photos of mine have been hanging at ‘Tis, a downtown gallery right on the square. I must admit I have visited them there more than once.

Below, you can see my husband, the art critic, analyzing Dandelion Dreams.


And here are Moonburn and Daydreaming (I think I overuse the word dream in my photo titles. . .):



This whole gallery experience has felt like I’m playing at being an artist, and I’ve enjoyed every minute.  I still have one photo on display in another gallery at Prescott Center for the Arts, and I was awarded an honorable mention for that one (I didn’t even realize there were awards). The planets must have aligned just right!

Yesterday, the last day of the show at ‘Tis,  I went to pick up my photos. The curator said I could only pick up one, and when I asked why only one, she replied “Because the other two are SOLD!” You could have knocked me over with a feather! I’m pretty stoked!

So Dandelion Dreams and Moonburn didn’t come home- and that’s more than okay with me!

9 thoughts on “Big Wow!

  1. What a thrill to not only have your art on a gallery but to have it purchase!
    So happy for you!!! Thank you for sharing this happy news!

  2. Wow!! So excited for you!! You deserve the recognition! If I’m not mistaken honorable mentions get a $15 prize woohoo! Congrats!!!

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