Sonoran Light

Sunday night we visited Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Garden for the Sonoran Light exhibit by Bruce Munro.  We got there around 5pm, before sunset to see the plants and to preview the installation before it got dark.  We stopped for snacks after the sun went down- and then ventured back out on the now dim and crowded garden paths.

This post could easily be titled “Stumbling Around in the Dark.” I have new appreciation for my photo buddy, Carol, of In Focus Daily as she walks along jungle paths at night lugging all her camera gear.  At one point I simply lost my balance and fell over! And then there was the problem of attaching my camera to the tripod and adjusting my settings in the dark! Lonnie learned how to work the flashlight on his new iPhone finally which helped- but didn’t save me from accidentally changing from RAW to jpg file format in the dark.

Below are some images of Water Towers, a huge installation of water bottles that lit up and changed color.  Using a long exposure was a bit tricky as people continually walked in front of the lens- sometimes not even showing up in the photo. I am not very experienced in night photography, so I just went with the flow- and it was fun!

Here is a view of the general scene- note the lights on the hill in the background!


A closer look:

20160221-MMA_9073_melinda_andersonAnd even closer:


I’ll be posting more photos from Sonoran Light as the week goes by.  By the way- these were all jpgs.

6 thoughts on “Sonoran Light

  1. Oh my gosh, I had a chuckle at your ahem (misfortunes ;)) … but look what you captured! I adore that first photo with the lights on the mountains in the background – well done, Melinda!

  2. These are gorgeous, Melinda. You did yourself proud. Stunning photos. I love night light photography. And despite my having done it a few more times than you, I still fumble and bumble in the dark. You need to keep a small flashlight in your camera bag. It really helps. Better yet, get a small headlamp with a red light setting so you can see but not blind the people around you with the bright light. I speak from experience!😊 Especially the blinding part! 😊😊.

  3. Looks very cool!was there water in the bottles or is this a recycling project? Loved the story of your adventure in the dark!

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