Greeting Card

“It would make a good greeting card.”

The above comment is code for corny, schmaltzy, trite- however you interpret it- in my photo group.  I, however, like making images that look like greeting cards; one of my childhood ambitions was to work for Hallmark.  I envisioned a room of artists painting pretty cards or drawing cartoons.

So, with no apologies, here is one of my flower photos that, in my opinion, would make a good greeting card. 🙂




5 thoughts on “Greeting Card

  1. YES it would and why don’t you work for Hallmark ??????? I really like it and when I say it would make a great card , it’s a totally positive comment…

  2. Altogether too snobby an attitude! Greeting cards serve the wonderful purpose of connecting people. Using a beautiful picture to do so shows how special the other person is. I Love this picture! So there! Haha!

  3. Yes it would! Perfect balance of positive and negative space for a greeting card. 🙂 AND it’s quite pretty too, corny or not. 🙂
    Actually I see it as quiet and balanced as are some of the old ink brush Japanese scrolls I’ve collected. As always, Melinda you’ve presented us with what your heart sees too.

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