Morning Blues

The other morning I woke up early and looked out the window to see blue stripes of clouds in the pre-dawn sky. I threw on some gym pants and slippers, grabbed my camera, and headed out to the driveway to shoot some pictures before the sun came up. I ended up crossing the street to get this view of the peaks and hills in the distance. I took multiple exposures as well as intentional camera movement shots and had a great time- until I realized that the sun had come up and I was across the street in my nightclothes, with a wild bedhead- and was waving my camera around like a madwoman. This is how I am earning my reputation as the neighborhood crazy person!

Below is what looks like a multiple exposure- and I guess it is- but it was shot by moving the camera around during a long exposure (intentional camera movement).




3 thoughts on “Morning Blues

  1. Very cool image!! I’ll be listening for any gossip about a manic photographer in her Jammies! Prescott IS a small town!!

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  2. I think this image is well worth your reputation! Just show the your work 🙂 A fabulous and acclaimed art quilter gave our class a list of verbs to use when we were stuck in the design process and one of them was “repeat.” Repetition worked beautifully in your image. Repetition of color did too: blue on blue on blue on blue…..

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