Passing the torch. . .

Before we left for Alaska, my daughter, Caitlin told me to be sure to pack my macro lens because there was amazing ice to photograph. It sounded right up my alley- macro is just about my favorite kind of photography. While I was taking landscape shots at the nature center, Caitlin was busily snapping shots with her iPhone. She denies being into photography and never edits her photos, but still manages to produce beautiful images; the thing is- she has a real eye.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have my macro with me on our walk, but I often use my zoom lens to get close-up shots- so, when I saw her photographing the ice on the railings, I did as well. When her battery gave out, she borrowed my phone. My photos are just O.K.- you can see what is going on here. I wasn’t able to get super close, and the aperture I chose (f8) didn’t give me a deep enough depth of field.20161125-mma_9876_melinda_anderson-edit

But here are two of hers- using MY iPhone. I alternate between feeling jealous and proud!



No, she did not use a macro attachment- and they are not cropped.  I’m pretty amazed at how close you can get to the subject with the iPhone! All her ice photos turned out fabulous- and mine did not.  Hmmmpphhh!

3 thoughts on “Passing the torch. . .

  1. Caitlin’s shots are excellent and she obviously has an eye for photography. Does she ever use the D5000? Just think what shots she’d get with that! BTW. Yours isn’t too shabby. 😊

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