By the Door

While in Southern California a couple weeks ago, we went with our son and his wife to visit the Nixon Presidential Library. I loved it- and I am a Democrat. I had never been to a presidential library before and was very impressed by the quality of the displays and how balanced was the portrayal of this controversial president. I grew up in a Republican family in a time when we (well, most of us) still trusted the government and believed that things were only going to get better and better. I remember how devastated my parents, particularly my mother, were by the events of Watergate. At the time of Nixon’s resignation I was hugely pregnant with our first child and had been glued to the television during the hearings. It was fascinating to see the artifacts of Nixon’s childhood and presidency- AND the Watergate scandal.

The photo taken above is outside Nixon’s childhood home; it was closed while we were there because of a wedding.



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