I have been a collector of old school books most of my adult life- nothing valuable. When I was home raising kids and wasn’t teaching at that point, I bought old primers and readers at garage sales. Later, when I went back to teaching, I collected old readers that were being discarded and replaced by newer series. So I still have quite a few.  I still love them and decided to photograph a stack today. After shooting several different arrangements, I stacked them the way that we teachers told kids NEVER to stack books! Maybe I am becoming a rule breaker in my old age!

4 thoughts on “Bookish

  1. Here’s to being a rule breaker! That’s a wonderful photo both because of the composition but also because it is in black and white. I want to just pick up one of those books and start reading! I love books, too!

  2. I had old school books…cherished the images inside. Fire took them all away, but looking for replacements as I stroll about.

  3. Melinda, I collect old children’s books too, and always rescued the old textbooks. They are all packed away in big boxes, stored in the garage, waiting for new book cases to be built before fall comes. They bring back memories for me and keep alive the close friendships I had in elementary school. I love the simple 3-color illustrations and some of the old exquisitely art nouveau and art deco ones too. Old books are tangible connections to our recent past and I cherish mine. Your black and white stack here is a perfect image, and before I read your description, I knew what they were. Well done, Melinda!

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