Ready . . . ACTION!

One of the effects of the year of staying home is that I have learned the names of most of my backyard birds. If you know me, you may find this hard to believe. Before retirement, it was mostly lack of time and interest. When I started taking photos, I realized I knew nothing- but I didn’t care. And then came Covid. I was home, I watched the birds, I had Sibley’s guide and two other books (which I’ve had all along) and a couple birds apps- I guessed I could take the time to look them up. And now I have found that I actually know some names. . .

So, I can say with some confidence that the new kids in the backyard are yellow rumped warblers, which I really enjoy watching. But they have the other birds a bit flummoxed. Here, a white-crowned sparrow is either saying hi or back-off to one of the warblers (the rest just flew off). I’m not sure who is flying in- the action was changing second-by-second. Lots of excitement in our backyard!

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