Crow’s Fall

A huge step outside my comfort zone! A couple months ago I joined an online group of expressionist photographers run by Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery (both of whom are idols of mine). I had doubts about doing it, because I knew I would be in WAY over my head But I am so intrigued by this genre and in so awe of these artists that I just took the big leap and did it- and am so glad I did! I still have a big case of “imposter syndrome” (who am I to be in this group of REAL artists etc. etc.?), but I am learning a lot and experiencing photography as art in whole new way.

For example- December’s assignment was to create an image in response to the poem, “Crow’s Fall,” by Ted Hughes. I thought I knew who Ted Hughes was (Sylvia Plath’s husband), but knew nothing of his work. If you are interested, the title above is linked to the poem. I had an instant reaction to the poem and submitted the above image. Yesterday was the critique, and I was thrilled to get a positive response. Whew! I’m still treading water in this group, but am feeling so inspired by the teachers and other photographers.

In case you are wondering- I am in FIVE photography groups now, if you count our quarterly Ladies Zoom Party!

And yes, my interpretation of the poem was political. I try to be sunshine and light on my blog, but this poem brought up some darker feelings in me.

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