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Bay Bridge(s)

I’ve been a little obsessed with multiple exposures lately- both in camera and in Photoshop.  Here’s a double view of the San Francisco Bay Bridge at night, with some distortions and reflections adding to the unreality of the image. The double exposure was created in Photoshop, rather than in camera.



Here is another version of the Ferry Building- a somewhat grungy black and white with a bit of texture added for an old-timey look.


Back to SF

I realized that I never posted my favorite Ferry Building shot from our brief San Francisco visit early in the summer.  I took this photo the evening before Carol arrived- right after Lonnie discovered the view while he was looking for ice.  This one, taken through glass, has better focus than the one I took the next night, even though it was handheld- no tripod. Go figure!


And here is another edit of the same image- black and white with a slightly different crop.