Back to SF

I realized that I never posted my favorite Ferry Building shot from our brief San Francisco visit early in the summer.  I took this photo the evening before Carol arrived- right after Lonnie discovered the view while he was looking for ice.  This one, taken through glass, has better focus than the one I took the next night, even though it was handheld- no tripod. Go figure!


And here is another edit of the same image- black and white with a slightly different crop.



4 thoughts on “Back to SF

  1. It’s quite lovely!! Lots of contrasting elements in the photo keep me moving around inside it…. between sharp hard shapes and soft billowy shapes, the vertical and the horizontal, manmade and the natural, the intense busy-ness of the city and the boat heading out to open ocean and freedom, the harbor and its commerce and the distant skies… which will be the same skies that that will shelter faraway seas, and then there is that signage: “Port of San Francisco” which is unchanging and will always be Port of San San Francisco, no matter what the changing clock will tell us. says. All the contrasting details of your photo are fascinating.

    Then there are the colors… the tones (when grey is added to color) are rather other-worldly, and are softened by the overcast sky.

    But it makes me smile: It brings back good memories of that cooling fog washing over us as we entered the city after a drive down from baking hot Chico!

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