Day 98- Copy-Catter, Dirty Ratter. . .

Nope, I did not get my photo done this morning before life with grandbabies and company began.  I took a few random photos during the day and uploaded them- but nothing blog-worthy. So during naptime I started to- not really panic- but kind of obsess randomly, if that makes any sense.  As I was looking through the photos I did take- and rejecting them all- I saw that my friend, Carol had already posted for the day- yikes! Pressure! I needed to get going! I grabbed the camera and went outside. Wandering aimlessly around my over-photographed garden, I checked out the hummingbird in her nest and rejected that- no zoom on the camera and too lazy to change lenses. I noticed the azaleas were in bloom and quickly snapped a few photos.

As I walked back in, I started thinking- hmmm, Carol had white flowers on her blog- and I think they were azaleas!

But- I am too lazy and unfocused to figure out something else, so today I am shamelessly copying my friend. The lighting is different- it is cloudy right now and later in the day than when she made her shot. And we used different lenses- but they are pretty similar photographs.

So with apologies to Carol, here are my azaleas . . .

f/9, 1/125, ISO 2500, 35mm

Note to Carol: I also always forget to check my settings- ISO 2500? – good heavens! And I am also on continuous autofocus because of the babies. . .

2 thoughts on “Day 98- Copy-Catter, Dirty Ratter. . .

  1. They do look almost identical. How many times have we posted such similar subject matter?

    I like your composition better than mine. It has more interest and the eye moves through the photo to the profile of the azalea at the top. Very nice.

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