I’m attempting to do a bit of catch-up on my lessons from BeStill and The Studio.  The first image is for Lesson 33 in BeStill52 (and for Texture Tuesday).  The assignment was to create a still life using lemons or other citrus fruit, create a bit of a story, and include varying heights.  Well, my story is that lemons were being sliced (you can invent the rest. . .).

20150125-DSC_1550_melinda_anderson-EditThe image below is for Texture Tuesday (no real props, no varying heights, and no story).

20150125-DSC_1566_melinda_anderson-EditBoth photos were edited with textures from Kim Klassen’s Cloth and Paper collection.

11 thoughts on “Citrus

  1. LOVE the top one with the touch of colors in the linen, the wood background just makes everything pop. Gorgeous focus on the second one…the lemon color is perfect!

  2. How beautiful these images are! Love the painterly look of the first one and the “march of the lemons” in the second

  3. Beautifully done! I’ve yet to do the citrus. But the more citrus photos I see, the closer I get. I like the top one best.

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