Retro Blur

I found myself playing with my Lensbaby Mobile recently. Although it really is a cool little lens for the iPhone, I hadn’t been using it much after I got my Composer Pro and optics for my Nikon. As I’ve mentioned before, Nik Snapseed is my usual first stop when editing my iPhone photos, and this time, it was my ONLY stop.  It has a cool little set of filters within the app called retrolux, which give a desaturated, vintage look (actually 12 looks) with lots of options for adding or removing scatches, light leaks, vignettes etc.

The photo on the left has been edited with Snapseed only, and the one on the right has several Kim Klassen textures added in Photoshop on top of what was done with the retrolux filter. It’s hard to spot the differences- just a little more texture, a little less haze and a slightly darker flower.


2 thoughts on “Retro Blur

  1. Yes it is hard to tell the difference but I think I like the Nik better. I use to have Nik on my Mac and need to put it in photoshop again. I always love the structure part to bring out the detail from the full Nik software. I know it is in the iPhone also but you can do so much more with the full size. The reason I haven’t put it back on is I always forget how to bring it in and each time CC or LR updates it is lost. Must remember to do that again.

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