It was 5 below as we walked along the board walk in the Upper Terraces at Mammoth Hot Springs.  Although I’d been here before, this was my first visit to the terraces in the snow.  The sun shining through the icy trees and steamy mist gave the scene an ever-changing magical appearance; these photos can only hint at the exquisite beauty we witnessed.



6 thoughts on “Fairyland

  1. Not sure why my comment didn’t post, maybe it did and I just didn’t see it but I am trying one more time. The images here are incredible Melinda.

  2. Always wanted to see this in the winter. Chris says twice in the summer is enough! Beautiful!

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  3. Stunning. And the God beams are breath-taking. I’ll be there in January. I hope I will be able to capture some images like these. Fabulous shots, Melinda.

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