2 Boys, 1 Grandma, and 1 Desert Poppy

When the grandboys were here, I decided I wanted to pick some wild desert poppies I had noticed blooming down the street in a vacant lot. Caitlin, Miles, and I braved the heat wave and walked to the bottom of the hill where we could see a few in bloom. As we walked through the weeds, zillions of burrs attached to our clothes and shoes, so I ended up with just one poppy. When we got home, I brought out the lightbox and spent a few minutes taking photos with the camera on the tripod. The boys were intrigued, so I had each take photos with the iPhone.

Miles was interested in editing his photo, so that evening, I introduced him to Snapseed! He especially liked the “glamorous glow” (glamour glow) adjustment, after trying all sorts of filters. He didn’t like the tiny rips in the petals, so he made me promise to fix them in Photoshop on my computer, which I did.

Here is his photo, edited by Miles with Snapseed (with rips fixed by Gramma):


Good focus, wouldn’t you say? And I like that glamour glow!

Henry wanted a turn as well and managed to take about 10 photos with one long click- all with perfect focus! I took the liberty of editing this one in Photoshop with On 1 and Impression software.


And here’s the one taken by Gramma- a side view with texture added:


2 thoughts on “2 Boys, 1 Grandma, and 1 Desert Poppy

  1. What a fun way to spend the afternoon! Sounds like you may have sparked a new interest for the boys! Imagine all the pictures they can take in Alaska now! Caity won’t be able to use her phone anymore!!

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