Red Cliff Echoes

arc20141020-dsc_5986_melinda_anderson-edit-editI woke up way too early this morning and got up to have a play with some images from our Utah trip back in 2014. Last weekend I had been re-editing some Moab shots for class and to possibly use in an upcoming show- so these red cliffs have been in my subconscious waiting to be turned into some photo art just for fun. I have been playing recently with some phone apps (Fragment and Tiny Planets), which take chunks of your photos and re-arrange them, and wanted to see if I could do something similar in Photoshop in a more controlled way. Fun!

3 thoughts on “Red Cliff Echoes

  1. Really enjoy the composition and especially the color tones and hues– kept drawing me back to take another look! Will you be entering this photo in the upcoming show?

  2. Thank you Lynne! I might put it- or a version of it- in a show Debbie and I are doing together at a gallery in town in May. In that show, WE get to decide what to show (it’s not juried)- so I just might! I love that you read my blog!

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