One thought on “Skull Valley Shooting

  1. Oh Melinda, I don’t know if I should share this thought with you…but I will… just to confide in you. When I saw your title, “Skull Valley Shooting,” I gasped, my heart sank, and I thought, “Oh God no! Not another shooting and WHY would anyone THERE go on a rampage!?”

    I guess it just goes to show that I’ve finally come to expect this sort of thing. Daily, it’s in the news, tragedy all around us.

    Well I’m GLAD that my first reaction was wrong. And now that I’ve caught my breath, I’ll tell you a lame joke in the wedding photography business. “Wedding photography is such a violent business: First we shoot ‘em, then we BLOW “EM UP!” I can remember the dumbest things.

    Happy “Shooting” and thanks for sharing all the beauty you see and create


    MaryAnn Hardy 2780 Transtide Drive Nanoose Bay, B.C. V9P 9E9

    (250) 821-2780


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