Unexpected Beauty

When we were in Yarnell with our friends, Joan and Rudy, Joan spotted a sign pointing to the Shrine of St. Joseph of the Mountains. We followed signs and came upon a beautiful, quiet path up and over a rocky hill which took you through the fourteen stations of the cross, with concrete statues created in 1939 set into the hillside. It was a deeply spiritual and moving experience to go around corners and come upon these beautiful works of art.

Some impressions:


One thought on “Unexpected Beauty

  1. Thank you Melinda!! I was just scrolling through, saw your post and wondered, “What has Melinda presented to us today?” It’s so…. beautiful.
    Your first image is ethereal enough to create a very mysterious mise en scène. BUT then when you realize it is a Pieta’ it is much lovelier and even more poignant. It is so very other-worldly, but then that is what faith is: transcendence from the ordinary. I was quite moved by it, and I’m not a Christian, nor ever have been. Well done!!!

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