Mesilla Moonrise

I thought of Ansel Adams’ famous Moonrise Over Hernandez New Mexico as I titled this photo, but the only things my photo has in common with the master’s is that it was taken in New Mexico, there was a moon, and there was a camera involved.

We returned Sunday from a five day trip that was intended to be a ten day trip. We had planned to drive all the way to San Antonio, Texas to meet up with my cousin, Steve and his wife Mary, who had rented a condo there for the month of February. Unfortunately Steve got a nasty virus, and we had to limit our trip to New Mexico.

We stayed in Las Cruces for two nights and were able to use the time to learn about the place of my mother’s birth and her father’s coaching experience at New Mexico State University- as well as visit this wonderful restaurant TWICE.

We had planned to go to the university- thinking we might be able to see some old buildings. We stopped at the Visitor Center to inquire about what might still be there from 1910- and what happened there was a genealogist’s dream come true!

To be continued next week. . .

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