See in a New Way

I wasn’t too excited about the eggs theme for The Studio Online this week and felt pretty uninspired- until I cracked eggs for my scrambled eggs breakfast yesterday.  Aha! A cracked egg in the composition- I haven’t done that before. And this would be a challenge for the Edge 80 optic on my Lensbaby (the optic I can never get off once I put it on- but that’s another story. . .).  The weather was warm, with  no cold wind knocking over my props in my garage studio.  For once, things went smoothly with the set-up AND, most importantly, with the focus.  In fact, I will have more eggs photos to show you- probably tomorrow.

The first photo was edited with Kim Klassen’s darklight preset (tweaked and at reduced opacity in the Fader).  The other two are edited with one of my own.

20150401-MMA_2641_melinda_anderson20150401-MMA_2618_melinda_anderson 20150401-MMA_2622_melinda_andersonNote to non-Lensbaby folks: See in a new way is Lensbaby’s slogan and pretty much my mantra!

2 thoughts on “See in a New Way

  1. You know it is so much fun to see you enjoy your Lensbaby and that you are close to me, I really want to come up this summer to play with you in the garage. Goodness that second one really is just wonderful, I love the props and the perspective so much. I do the same with prompts, they don’t speak to me and then during the week I will get inspired. Love-hate with prompts, mostly hate! The announcement is coming today from Lensbaby. They are supposed to be coming out with a new adapter for my Fuji this spring so I am hoping that is one of the announcements but can’t wait to hear what they are up to.

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