Through the Clouds

Our boat trip along the Kenai fjords in Alaska was one of the most memorable travel experiences of my life. Despite the rain and fog and the constant rolling motion (4 foot swells in places, they said- is that unusual? I don’t know.) and sometimes rough waters, it was amazing! We spent most of our time on deck, except for when the rain became too much, and were constantly awestruck by the dramatic coastline and the opportunities to see whales, puffins, eagles, porpoises, seals, and sea lions. And oh yes- glaciers! My photos of the scenery include mostly gray shapes with water spots- not too many keepers, considering how many I shot.

Here is one of my better land/sea-scape shots- taken while the boat was in motion and there was little rain. I wish I could say exactly where on the map this was. The mountains seemed to rise right out of the sea- with snow and glaciers and clouds to round out the scene.


2 thoughts on “Through the Clouds

  1. Oh Melinda! I’m so glad you had this experience. I was fortunate to live in the coastal north, and I know how it defies description and its grandeur is impossible to capture in a flat image. But still… we try. You’ve done well with this image to show the depth of the glaciated landscape, and the sense of power in the mountains…. and that water, all that water. Water meets those mountains, fills the fjords, and gathers in the valleys in clear, sweet lakes. The glaciers are disappearing fast (in five years I witnessed one near our home retreat). I’m glad you had the opportunity to “meet” some of them and encounter a little of what is left of the last great Ice Age.

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