8 Degrees of Meghan Markle

My cousin is getting married on Saturday! We aren’t able to make the wedding, unfortunately, and actually will probably not be able to watch the ceremony live (we will be visiting our newest grandson, Caleb!)- but we wish her well!

Yes, I’m talking about THAT wedding!

One of the benefits of working on genealogy for almost 30 years is that you know who your ancestors are- so,  when I saw an article on my iPhone’s CNN app naming Capt. Christopher Hussey (one of the original proprietors of Nantucket Island) as an ancestor of Meghan Markle, I must have gasped out loud- Christopher Hussey is my ninth great grandfather!

Since then, I have researched Meghan’s ancestry in order to place her in our family tree. We are actually both descended from Christopher Hussey’s daughter Mary Hussey and her husband Christopher Page. This makes us eighth cousins once removed (8C1R in genealogy lingo).

Here’s a screenshot from my genealogy program:

I actually tend to add famous people to my tree whenever I find a connection- just for fun.  I can’t say that I’m descended from anyone famous (Lonnie is one up on me, because he has a Mayflower ancestor. . .), but I do share DNA with quite a few names you’d recognize (including several presidents, writers, Hollywood people, and . . . a serial killer).  You likely have famous relatives too- perhaps Meghan Markle!

BTW, the title of this blog refers to the Kevin Bacon Game (6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon), which was a fad about 20 years ago, in case you forgot. And, not to be a name dropper,  BUT- I’m only a few degrees away from Kevin Bacon himself (through marriage not DNA, alas).

Ok- back to photography . . .

3 thoughts on “8 Degrees of Meghan Markle

  1. “6 Degrees of Separation” was also a play (nominated for a Pulitzer) and subsequently made into a movie staring the inimitable Stockard Channing and Donald Sutherland, with Will Smith as the charming hustler. It was based on a real incident, a real Vanity Fair sort of story, with its setting in the artistic elite of New York. I was (am) a big fan of the director, Fred Schepisi. I think it was his most “famous” American movie (he is an Australian and directed the powerful, The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith).

    I suppose a new grandchild is an easy choice to make, and I’m sure the wedding would just drag on and on. (chuckle)

  2. Love this post. What a fun topic. Someday I might find the inclination to search for DNA ties. I still haven’t quite recovered from discovering that instead of being 50% Scandinavian because two grandparents came through Ellis Island from Sweden, I am only 3% Scandinavian. BTW, the photograph is excellent.

  3. Ha! Interesting! But getting back to photography, I’ve got to mention how much I love the pop of color then the out of focus magazine cover of your 8C1R! Such good composition! Thanks!

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