Just a Pear

I’m playing it safe this time- just a traditional still life. Although- I know that in my photo group I would get (gently) critiqued for having a square format and mostly for having no space around the edges- and perhaps for the shallowish depth of field! I might even get the kiss of death comment- “It would make a nice greeting card.” But I’m on winter break!


One thought on “Just a Pear

  1. And just what is “wrong” with greeting cards?? Oh I know we all aspire to masterpieces that will hang on gallery walls, but the general public can use art in their everyday lives, and greeting cards can delight them with beauty and sentiment. We can be moved by greeting cards, and then we use them to connect with others in the most loving kind of way. Take it as a compliment, Melinda, if anyone says, “It would make a nice greeting card.” To heck their elitist attitude 🙂 And a square format is not “bad.” When I was shooting professionally, we used square, medium-format cameras (Haselblads) and of course that made it possible to crop vertically OR horizontally, later. But where is the “rule” that say that beauty cannot be contained in a square? Now, with all that rebuttal to your remarks, I just have to say, “I would be happy to send this lovely image of your succulent, sweet pear, nestled in all its warm homey colors, in a timeless setting… to any of my friends… especially those who love to eat! Not every image should be weighted with profundity. Some should lift us into a comforting place. This one certainly does just that.

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